My Developer applications

In this article I will present you some of the applications I use to programm. Let’s begin!

Visual Studio Code

You can find more information about why I’m using VS Code in the blogaticle about why I switched to VS Code.



XAMPP is the perfect web server for Windows. It’s using Apache and MySQL. Problems are very uncommen. And if a new PHP version releases is a new XAMPP release not far away. That’s why I’m using it.



To connect to a FTP server, FileZilla is the perfect solution. It’s easy to use and very common updated. The only dumb thing is, it forgets some things after an update.



As SSH client for windows is PuTTY perfect for me. I can’t say very much to it. PuTTY also has some other dunctionalitys, but I don’t use them.



This tool is very unknown, but very useful. It acts like the diff command in linux. But it has a very good interface and menu structure.


Written on January 18, 2021