System32 Discovery #0 - Introduction


⚠️ Warning!

Messing around with system32 files without knowing what you’re doing can damage your system! The author doesn’t take any responsibility for damaged systems and installations.

Introduction to the System32 Discovery series

Welcome to this new blog/video series, where we will cover all the applications/dll’s and other stuff inside the system32 folder of Windows.

There will be no special order of the items we will cove. I hope I can with this series help people to discover sides of Windows they never knew existed.

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Feedback is more then welcome. If you have feedback let me know about it in the comments.

What’s the System32 folder

The system 32 folder is located at C:/Windows/System32. It contains many hard links to Windows System files like Notepad, Remote Desktop, Control Panel and much more.

How to launch a System32 app

You can use type the name in the command line or the run dialog (win+r).

For example you can launch Windows Explorer with the run dialog:

Run dialog with Explorer.exe

Written on December 29, 2021