The new version of USOC is so cool for me and here is why.

This weekend I released the new version of my CMS USOC Pb2.4Bfx0 (Changelog: (Download the hotfix version:

That’s so cool, because I fixed so many bugs and it looks so good now. The changelog is so big. I also added an installer, something very important for a CMS and something I thought, that wouldn’t be easy. But it was very easy. And it looks so good for a CSS noob like me. After all it seems I’m getting better and better in CSS.

That’s also the first version I removed the “it’s not ready to user” section in the readme, because it’s now ready. With the installer it’s no longer difficult to set it up.

The admin area also got a little redesign. It’s still worse, but it’s getting better with time. I’ve just made some concept drawings on how the admin area will look in the future.

There are only a few major things I want to implement before I release 1.0Bfx0:

  • Make menu bar editable (That’s more difficult as it seems)
  • Implement a user rights system
  • Maybe a cache system
  • Make USOC usable, when it’s not located in the root directory
  • Fix some annoying bugs

I really hope I can get forward and release 1.0 soon. Because then I could focus on something different. (But that’s a topic for an other blog post)

Written on January 26, 2021