Tips for organizing your files on your Windows PC

Tired of searching where you put this one file? I will show you 3 tips how you can keep your files organized.

1. Use the library folders of Windows

Libraries in Windows 11

In Windows there are some built-in library folders like images, documents, videos, etc. Use them!

Also create subfolders in this library folders, so that it’s easier to find what you are searching for (for example: “Programming Projects”, “Official documents”, “Family documents”, etc.)

2. Icons for the folders


You can set costume icons for your folders inside of your libraries. This helps keeping the overview.

You can change the icon by right clicking on the folder -> Properties -> Customize -> Change icon. You can choose between many built-in icons or your own ico files.

3. Hide folders from applications

Many applications create folders in documents for saving data. It’s obvious that you can’t just delete them. But you can hide them.

Windows 10:

  1. Select all the files and folders you don’t need.
  2. Click on “view” in the menubar of the Explorer
  3. Click “Hide selected files”
  4. Select “Make changes only on this folder”

Windows 11:

  1. Select the items you want to hide
  2. Right click on the items
  3. Click on properties
  4. Check the “hidden” checkbox
  5. Click ok


Of course, you need to deactivate show hidden items.

(4.) No files/folders on the desktop

And something small for the end: I Found out for myself that putting folders or files onto the desktop just confuses me. Putting shortcuts there is ok.

I hope I could help you organizing your PC. If you have more tips, feel free to contact me on Twitter or write a comment.

Written on October 16, 2021