Last week at Windows No. 2 (CW 35)


Welcome to the review of the last week topics in the world of Windows. Many new builds got released and the release date for Windows 11 got announced.

Windows 11 release date got announced

Microsoft announced in a blog post that Windows 11 will be available October 5th. It will be a staged release, so not everyone will receive the final build on this day.

They also released a short video which shows how good gaming works on Windows 11:

Windows 11 Preview Build 22000.176

A new build for the beta channel was released with one improvement: You can now hide and show fixed taskbar icons (like search or widgets) Just right click on the taskbar then click on “Taskbar settings”.

Showcase of that feature Source: Microsoft

You can read the full changelog on the Windows Insider Blog.

Windows 11 Preview Build 22449.1000

Also a new build for the dev channel got released. From now on features introduced in the dev channel will not come into the next release of Windows 11.

Microsoft also changed the algorithm for SMB compression to a more efficient one.

You can read the full changelog on the Windows Insider Blog.

Two new Windows 10 release preview builds

For 21h1: 19043.1202

For 21h2: 19044.1202

PowerToys update v0.45.0

A new update for PowerToys got also released. You can read the full changelog in their repository.

Written on September 5, 2021