About me

Hello I’m Aaron.

I’m a college student from Switzerland.

In my free time I like to program. I also help out on the Microsoft PowerToys project. There I label issues and search for duplicates.

In this blog I’m writing about things I want to. Most of the time about programming or other IT things.

Programming languages I can programm:

  • PHP (very good)
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • a bit C#
  • Minecraft Commands

Markup languages:

  • HTML
  • A bit XAML

Programming Languages I could program in the past:

  • Minecraft plugins with Java

My biggest Project currently is my CMS USOC.

I also own a ECDL/ICDL base certificate. (https://member.sophiatesting.com/data/pdffiles/d2581f6771d13239b99fa478930cff9d.pdf?cache=1610264602499)

I’m generally very interested in computers in all ways. (More software then hardware.)

If you want to contact me, feel free to write to aaron.junker@outlook.com or write a direct message on twitter @theredcuber.