Colorful Computers! The trend behind colors.

It’s been a while since the last blog post, but I’m back!

Did you notice it? The new laptops/computers/iMacs/etc from Microsoft and Apple got more colorful.


The new iMac comes in many different colors


The new Surface Laptop 4 also comes in 4 special colors (Personally I love the black one) (Microsoft Surface Laptop 4)

The computers of the last 10 years all had grey or black color.


This HP notebook has the same color scheme like all the computers from the past 10 years(HP Chromebook 14-inch HD Laptop)

Why? That’s simple! The people have enough of this grey world. Specially after/in this pandemic people want something new, something that looks fancy and cool. They want more color in their life. And this is the start of it.

Retro was a long time a trend, but I think now that changes to colorful.

Recently, I looked at my socks drawer and thought: “I want more colorful socks not only black ones”.

I predict that “colorful” gets the new trend.

And I personally love that! It always looks good when something is available in different colors.

image A good example from the past. The different colors of the GameBoy Color

Written on April 27, 2021