Column types in Microsoft Loop tables

There are different types of columns in Microsoft Loop tables. In this post I will explain the different types of columns and how to use them.

When a certain column type is selected, all the items in the column are formatted in a certain way. The column header is an exception to this rule. The column header is always formatted as a basic text column.

Change column type

By clicking on the arrow down symbol in a column header you can change the column type. The standard column type is Text. Changing the column type always erases the whole content of the column.


The text column type allows you to format text in any way possible. You can set colors, make it bold, make it a header, etc.


The number column type allows you to enter numbers. The numbers are always aligned to the right.

At the bottom of the column you can see the either the sum, the average or the count of all the numbers in the column.

Number column type


The date column type allows you to enter dates. The dates can’t be typed in, but can be selected from a date picker.

Date column type

If a date is selected that is in the current year the year won’t be shown. If the date is in a different year the year will be shown.

Date column type with year displayed


The person column type allows you to select a person, which will be tagged in the column.

Person column type


The voting column type allows every contributor to vote on a topic. You can vote on a topic by clicking on the + button. The number of votes is shown in the column. Everyone can see who voted by hovering over the voting button.

Voting column type


The label column type allows you to select a label from a defined label group.

Add label column type

Select label in label column type

Written on March 22, 2023