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Schedule Shutdown with PowerAutomate Desktop


Tips for organizing your files on your Windows PC

Tired of searching where you put this one file? I will show you 3 tips how you can keep your files organized.

My feedback for the Windows Feedback Hub.

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Colorful Computers! The trend behind colors.

It’s been a while since the last blog post, but I’m back!

In search for an new project

My current main developer project is USOC. Soon the 1.0 version will be released. This doesn’t mean I want let USOC die. But I just want another main project.

The new version of USOC is so cool for me and here is why.

This weekend I released the new version of my CMS USOC Pb2.4Bfx0 (Changelog: (Download the hotfix version:

My Developer applications

In this article I will present you some of the applications I use to programm. Let’s begin!

Why I switched to Visual Studio code

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Hello world!

Hello world! And welcome to my new developer blog. Here I will write how my life as a developer is going forward and about personal thought on IT topics.